Monday, December 11, 2006

Vindicated in their dark portrait of the war

At least that's what Howard Kurtz claims in this article. From the piece: "Goodness gracious, when even Donald Rumsfeld is saying privately that the Iraq war strategy "is not working well enough or fast enough" -- and someone furnishes his memo to the New York Times -- it is clear that the administration's once-legendary discipline has broken down.

What is also clear is that the private doubts of top officials are closer to the media's dark portrait of the war than to the "absolutely, we're winning" rhetoric of President Bush. That is especially noteworthy in light of all the criticism that administration officials have heaped on correspondents in Iraq for focusing too heavily on violence and ignoring signs of progress."

Doesn't that make you feel better? Do you get the feeling that many in the media will not be happy until their "dark portrait" is framed and hung on a museum wall?

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Anonymous said...

We will all will miss Mr Rumsfeld greatly and I hardly think that a memo from his office questioning the tactics on the ground is news in that he sent "snowflakes" all the time to keep everyone around him on their toes. I think the leaker is lazy and did not prefer Mr Rumsfeld's brand of authority, shame really it did keep us safe for 5+ years. What a great American he is!