Thursday, December 14, 2006

Remember Eason Jordan?

He's back.

You may remember that Eason Jordan was the CNN news division chief. Then, in January 2005 he said in a meeting at Davos, Switzerland, that the military was deliberately targeting journalists. A blog-swarm ensued, and Jordan resigned his post.

Now, he's heading up a one-stop-shopping clearinghouse for nonpartisan information about Iraq. It's called: "IraqSlogger." Here's a quote from the linked articled at Editor and Publisher: "The name of his new venture, he says, was inspired by a Donald Rumsfeld reference to this war being a 'long, hard slog.'"

You can expect that this site will be completely fair to the U.S. Military and give a "fair and balanced" view of the conflict in Iraq.

When pigs fly.

Update: Here's the link to IraqSlogger.

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