Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Bush's fault

We have a little saying in our family: "It's Bush's fault!" Whenever anything goes wrong, like when a snowstorm hits the Midwest or the microwave oven breaks down, we always say "It's Bush's fault!" and then we chuckle. Because - as the entire nation knows - everything bad is Bush's fault.

In fact, if you were to read the coverage of the Iraq Study Group, you would know that there is no more important fact to be known than: "It's Bush's fault!".

I'm a little surprised a story asserting that the U.S. bugged Princess Diana's phone hasn't been spun to link it to the failings of the future presidency of G.W. Bush. (And - if that was your first thought - that "it's Bush's fault!" - you really need to read this post twice.)

Well, I remember a joint resolution of Congress from October 2002 that lists 23 "whereas" conditions for military action in Iraq.

And I remember reading reports in the newspapers in the fall of 2002 about the threat that was posed by Saddam Hussein.

I even remember, in 1991, of having a very strong desire to go to Iraq with a steam roller and run over Saddam Hussein - kind of like the scene in the movie "A Fish Called Wanda" when Ken runs over Otto at the airport. Little did I know at the time what leaving Hussein standing upright then would lead to a decade later.

We all have blood on our hands for the mess that is in Iraq right now. Claiming that "it's Bush's fault!" over and over and over again until it relieves the guilt that we all carry is no way to win a war.

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