Sunday, December 10, 2006

A change in direction

When I reactivated this blog, I was going to use it to simply repost letters that I've sent to journalists or politicians over the years. It was going to be a record, I suppose, of one mom's thoughts on the war on terror. This seemed more relevant as my email archives started disappearing before my eyes one night last week.

After thinking about it a day, it seems rather unseemly.

While the purpose was not to reveal who I may correspond with, there was no way to post the letters without making that fairly simple to figure out. What I wanted to do was convey the thoughts within the letters - the desire to defeat Islamic fascism, reminders of the goodness of our American soldiers, and an appeal to raise the level of debate above "it's Bush's fault."

Through the years, I've written hundreds of such letters. I hope they've given pause to the receivers.

I think what I'm going to do here is simply record my thoughts contemporaneously. It might include links to news stories or blog sites. Perhaps sometimes I'll just muse.

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