Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thank you

This a temporary blog which will be retired when the number of references to "Haditha" in Google News for one day falls to less than 200. There will be no site meters or other methods to track traffic. This isn't about me, it's about helping the troops and their families not having to experience what happened after the media hysteria following Abu Ghraib.

That said, I am extremely grateful to some veterans of the blogosphere who have linked to this site:

Cam Edwards
Lorie Byrd
Lucianne Goldberg
UPDATE The Anchoress
UPDATE Captain's Quarters
UPDATE Michelle Malkin

God bless you and all the other soldiers in this Global War on Terror.


Anonymous said...

Good Job!!!!
Have added a bookmark.

cube said...

God bless you. And may this blog be a short lived one.

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Maybe now some of those Americans yammering away about how they "support the troops" but not the war will have to shut up for a while. The truth will come out but only with the help of people like you.

DANEgerus said...

Hard linked you to

DANEgerus weblog at

You take the high road...

We've started slinging it right back:

My Lai? You Lie....6/6/2006...Desert Graves

Haditha's toll...6/5/2006.

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The UK Times shows executed civilians...6/3/2006...implying Marines did it... but...

How the MSM aid the Terrorists...6/3/2006.

82 at Waco isn't, but 15 at Haditha is...6/2/2006.

CNN reporter Arwa Damon...5/31/2006...

Murtha(D) says Gen. Peter Pace...5/29/2006...ordered a 'massacre' at Haditha

Paul said...

Sharon, You are doing a good thing here.
When "Haditha" is exposed for the fraud that it is, they will find some other "Fault" with our men and women who are serving this great nation.
You have a wonderful command of the language. When it comes time to retire this blog, I hope you continue on in some way.
The more of us that carry the message the better.
Thank you from an old Army Vet.