Sunday, June 04, 2006

One mission only

As much as I like reading blogs, I don’t want to be a blogger. I have one mission, that is to prevent “Haditha” from becoming the next “Abu Ghraib.” Of course, I know one woman in flyover land sitting at a computer cannot accomplish this alone. I’m just one grunt in the Pajamahadeen – many of whom are already well out in front of the issue.

How will I know when the mission is accomplished? When a daily search of Google News for “Haditha” returns less than 200 stories, I will be satisfied that our media have realised that "Haditha" is neither "Abu Ghraib" nor "My Lai."

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Anonymous said...

Sharon, Thank you for helping keep the home fires burning. And thank your son for us, too! As a public high school teacher who is just beginning the summer break (and teaching in the state that has some of the highest test scores in the nation while the teachers are earning the second lowest pay among the 50 states--that would be Iowa and yes, our governor is a Democrat), I now have a little time to read about Haditha.........before now it was just another horrible place "over there." Goggle is a good place (or bad, depending on your politics) for you to use to search about Haditha. I have been told or read recently that Goggle is an arm of the Democratic party--the DNC gets money everytime it is used. Naturally I try not to use it at all.