Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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Almost every day, after reading the morning posts at RealClearPolitics or Lucianne, an article sinks in deeply with me and I'll send a link to an e-friend or two. I've done this one email at a time. It is very inefficient.

But now I have my own blog.

For a few days yet.

From my favorite article of the day:

Zarqawi's Death Goes Beyond Spinning, By David Warren

"Like Osama bin Laden, and other Islamist leaders, Zarqawi cultivated the mystique of a djinn, with superhuman abilities to avoid capture. As Osama, his secret was to take many precautions and few risks. Others were sent to die, while Zarqawi hid out. That was his limitation as a military leader: he was seldom in a position to communicate prompt orders. But it was his strength as a propaganda leader, commanding forces dependent on momentum and morale.

So much of the credit for his murderous successes, and those of other terrorists like him, must be given to the mainstream media -- both East and West. Journalists assiduously advance the terrorist cause, by reporting almost exclusively on allied setbacks and mistakes, and by their ceaseless improvisation of destructive criticism against "Bush" and other Western leaders and allies. Heroic, and largely successful reconstruction efforts in Iraq have been ignored; instead we have an endless spool of meticulously-reported terror hits. The Western media attention to, and celebration of, such unstable characters as Cindy Sheehan and Michael Berg, make their alliances obvious. The New York Times has been the bellwether for this. Almost every news item touching Iraq is spun to maximize its demoralizing effect on the allied war effort. And across America itself, editors look to the Times nightly front-page line-up for clues on how to slant their own coverage."


Kathy said...

We call them the Pinocchio Press. Whether it's Alqaa-qaa or raTHergate or Koran flushing or now Haditha - the press has been the propaganda tool of the terrorists - of their own volition - and fully aware that they were undermining the welfare of their country for the benefit of their political agenda. What's good for America is bad for the democrats and vice versa.

Fortunately Americans know a parasite when they see it. That's just another reason why we can't trust the leadership of this country to democrats.

crosspatch said...

The Marines need you. I don't know how to put this act into words. Go look for yourself