Thursday, June 08, 2006

This will get their attention (at least for a few days)

Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is dead! That should reduce the focus on Haditha for a few days.


Espella Humanzee said...

I'm dancing around the room with joy! Here's to our brave men and women fighting in Iraq and around the world. A special thanks to your son for his service!

What a great day!

bondudcentral said...

hooray!!!! I give the Marines permission to kill any man woman or child in their way. Women are accomplices too. I am tired of hearing how precious they are, they would use the kid for shield/collateral or send them to be suicide bombers in most cases. These women are as sick as the men. My family is Persian, take my word.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but...

google news @ 12:45pm 6/8/06
zarqawi 8,068
haditha 12,600

the z-meister's headlines all had a "positive" slant besides..

Go figure

T said...

Thank you, Sharon for speaking up for our men and women. Our soldiers got Zarqawi! May he never rest in peace.