Saturday, June 10, 2006

So, what do we know today?

In my post below, I listed the details of the Iraqi's killed according to the Washington Post and the New York Times. In the WaPo story, there are fourteen men killed, two or three women, and seven children. In the NYT story, there are fourteen men killed, four women, and six children.

The difference comes down to the second house where an unnamed one year old baby in the WaPo story is replaced with an adult woman named Huda in the NYT story. This is not an insignificant detail.

Surely, if the American public is paying the Washington Post and the New York Times to report on the events of the world, they should be held accountable for getting their facts straight.

And if they don't know the facts, then maybe they shouldn't print them as such.

BTW - The U.S. military deemed there to be sufficient evidence to investigate this incident. We do not know what happened. The Washington Post does not know what happened. The New York Times does not know what happened. John Murtha does not know what happened. Lots of people have been sending me links; I'm very grateful. I'm reviewing them and then linking to them after I've had a time to distill what I've read. We have to keep in mind that it's possible that some of these links may take us on a wild goose chase, too.

The U.S. military will likely investigate this at least as well as a bunch of bloggers in pajamas. If there were crimes committed, military justice will be delivered.


Papa Ray said...

All you say is true. Facts are not "facts" until proven in a court of law, be it civil or military.

BTW, I don't wear pajamas, do you?

You don't have to answer, your protected by the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty (of wearing anything, anything at all.)

No videos please.

Papa Ray

The Ugly American said...

I am sure you have seen the latest post at The Strata-Sphere blog.

I noticed there was no by line for the report, and the identity of the Reuters Camera man is not mentioned. I am asking Reuters who the reporter and Camera man were and if the Camera Man was an eyewitness to any of the events that day.