Monday, June 12, 2006

Now, if we could just send a few of the Pajamahadeen to the Middle East

Remember when the UK Times erroneously showed a photo of slain and bloody men with their hands tied behind their backs? The photo was actually of Iraqis who had been killed in May 2005, but the UK Times attached it to a story about Haditha. At TimesOnline, the following apology appears:

"Note: This story originally appeared with a picture of slain Iraqis whose caption erroneously described the scene as being related to the alleged incidents in al-Haditha. The image was in fact from a separate incident in the area in which Iraqi insurgents are believed to have massacred local fishermen. We apologise for the mistake."

The Chicago Sun-Times then used the same photo as a basis for a cartoon. Here's an excerpt from their apology:

"A cartoon by Jack Higgins in Tuesday's Chicago Sun-Times incorporated inaccurate imagery to make a statement about the allegations that U.S. Marines killed Iraqi civilians in Haditha. Jack Higgins and the Sun-Times deeply regret the mistake and apologize to the U.S. servicemen, especially those in the Marine Corps, and to our readers who were understandably offended by the cartoon."

Well, Al Jazeera's article on Haditha today shows that same photo.

I suppose we won't be seeing an apology soon.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera pulled the article from the link above. It is replaced with this version. However Michelle Malkin captured an image of the original article.


Kathy said...

Keep up the good work, Sharon. Great post.

Harris Poley said...

I posted the following information on Aljazeera's comment section:


Your attribution for the killing of the bodies shown in your Haditha storyis false. You and your reporter knew, or should have known that at the time you published the story. Unless you publish a full retraction and apology with equal viewership prominence, you will have justly earned the denial of the right to be called a "news" organization.

Harris Poley

crosspatch said...

Keep an eye on alJazeera, they are in the process of opening a US outlet. They want to appear on your cable company's lineup of available stations with an American version of their drivel. That will be ALL we need, their propaganda in our livingrooms.