Sunday, June 04, 2006

No politics here, move along...

Over the last few days, the name of Paul Hackett was included in several newspaper stories regarding the Haditha incident. Hackett, a former Marine, also appeared on NBC's Today Show on Saturday, June 3. He is now the lawyer for Marine Captain James Kimber whose name emerged during a criminal investigation of the events of Haditha. According to Hackett, Kimber was relieved of command because some of his subordinates used profanity and disparaged Iraqi troops in a British television interview. Hackett says that Kimber had no knowledge of the alleged killings at Haditha until after he returned from Iraq. On the Today Show Hackett referred several times to the "political" injustice of the actions against Kimber.

What was not mentioned in the news stories or on the Today Show is that Hackett was the Democratic candidate for Ohio's Second Congressional district in a special election in August 2005. This would provide valuable context. No?

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