Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't these folks have something else to do?

It looks like there are going to be Senate hearings into the Haditha incident. From a Reuters story today:

"Senators just back from a week-long recess blasted the Pentagon for taking months to start a probe of the incident first reported by Time magazine.

Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner wrote to Rumsfeld worried about its impact on U.S. relations “around the world, ongoing military operations, diplomatic initiatives and the struggle of the new Iraqi government to assume full responsibilities of sovereignty.”

The Virginia Republican asked Rumsfeld 'the earliest possible date' the Pentagon could provide witnesses."

Oh, yippee.

We can look forward to repeat performances from the Massachusetts senators.

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CayuteKitt said...

Can't believe that no one's left comments yet here, so let's get started:

You GO girl! Great idea, great research, too. Looks like I'll be adding this blog to my favorites.