Sunday, June 11, 2006

Democrats to lose a talking point soon

From a Salon interview of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid:

"Salon: Between the capture of Zarqawi and the formation of an Iraqi government, Bush might be able to make an argument that 2006 has become a "period of transition" in Iraq.

Reid: I don't think he has any argument until we have a plan for bringing the troops home.

We're spending $2.5 billion a week; we have 2,500 dead Americans; we have 20,000 wounded; wherever you watched TV this week, you saw the terrible injuries we've got coming in from Iraq. We've got Haditha, we've got Abu Ghraib, and we've got Guantánamo. So I don't think the stage is subject to having cheerleaders out for him."

Umm, Harry, your party played Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo for all it was worth. Haditha? Not this time.

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