Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Almost there

The number of references to "Haditha" in a Google News search for Tuesday, June 13 was 228.

Skimming through the headlines, it looks like as many stories are directed at pushing back on the story as are about the story itself. This Washington Times editorial: "Time's massacre" is just one example. Here's an excerpt:

"With Marines being accused of war crimes, the blogosphere is doing what it does best: scrutinizing the reporting. In this case, the site Sweetness & Light has been on Time magazine's case for what appears to be justifiable concerns over its reporting of the Nov. 19 Haditha incident, in which Marines are under investigation for killing two dozen innocent Iraqis."

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Kathy said...

SpiritBuilders deserves an honorable mention in that article, too. Keep up the great work. It's essential.