Friday, February 02, 2007

Another case of the pot calling the kettle black

William Arkin, a columnist for the Washington Post a blogger for, has created quite a little stir with his series of blog posts: "The Troops Also Need to Support the American People", "A Note to My Readers on Supporting the Troops", and "The Arrogant and the Intolerant."

Here is the comment which I have submitted to his blog:

Mr. Arkin,

As mother of one of the said "mercenaries" and, perhaps even worse in your mind, a former U.S. military prison guard in Iraq, I have been quite interested in your columns of the last few days.

In this post: "A Note to My Readers..." you said: "We give them what we can to be successful, and we have a contract with them, because they are our sons and daughters and a part of us, not to place them in an impossible spot." Sorry, Mr. Arkin you haven't a clue what it is to have a son or daughter at war and then to watch as journalists such as yourself try to infantilize them, call them names, and accuse them of being indulged by America. In your next post, when people come to their defense, you decide the writers are "Arrogant and Intolerant."

To claim that my precious son is your son is the height of arrogance. To write in such a way as to criticize the soldier's right to express an opinion is the height of intolerance.

While some of the comments that have been written to your posts have been most disrespectful, they do not pose a physical threat to you. I dare say that you will wake to see the morning sun tomorrow. This will not be true of some of the young men and women whom you have so thoroughly disparaged in your series of posts. They will have died completing a mission on which they were sent by the American people. It is a mission with which the American public has now become weary and bored.

God bless you, Mr. Arkin, and your freedom to speak what you feel. You live in the greatest country known to mankind and enjoy the most free and affluent lifestyle that could ever be imagined by people just a generation ago. Your freedom is protected by those in uniform whom you chose to insult, and they will die again and again for you.

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