Sunday, March 09, 2008

General Odierno's Lessons from Iraq

Ralph Peters wrote another fine column this weekend titled: Lessons from the General. In it, General Odierno reflects on what he has learned about fighting an insurgency and the progress that is being made in Iraq.

As part of the interview Peters asked Odierno what he learned about our soldiers. The general replied: "They are compassionate. They genuinely care - not just about each other, but about Iraqis, too. I saw it again and again. They are compassionate young men and women."

Peters asked if there were any surprises about our soldiers. "They've surprised me with their resilience. . . They continue to re-enlist, continue to perform. . . Both leaders and soldiers have shown incredible resilience in the way they've adapted" to the changing situation in Iraq. "And I realized how much we can trust our soldiers."

If you're reading this blog, I'll bet you're not surprised at all with the compassion or resilience of our soldiers. God bless 'em all - from the grunts all the way up to the generals.

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