Friday, June 16, 2006

Thanks again

This has been a memorable thirteen days. On June 4th, I started a blog with the hopes of contributing in a microscopic way to the knocking back of premature reporting and even misreporting of the story of Haditha. Here's what I said:

As much as I like reading blogs, I don't want to be a blogger. I have one mission, that is to prevent "Haditha" from becoming the next "Abu Ghraib." Of course, I know one woman in flyover land sitting at a computer cannot accomplish this alone. I'm just one grunt in the Pajamahadeen many of whom are already well out in front of the issue.

Then, I started sending links to my e-friends - one by one. I didn't ask for links, but just asked them to stop by. I felt it was a more efficient method of communicating than writing up emails one by one.

And how.

Soon after, some leaders in the blogosphere started linking here - Cam Edwards, Lorie Byrd, Lucianne Goldberg, The Anchoress, Edward Morrissey, Jim Geraghty, and Michelle Malkin. Only half of these folks even received a little note from me. In the blogosphere it's all about links.

Thanks to everybody. Thanks to all who linked - including many smaller blogs. Thanks to everyone who sent me information in the first few days of the blog when we were trying to sort out the facts of the story. Thanks to my "regular readers" and everybody who sent me an "atta girl."

The website Sweetness & Light was the epicenter of the blogosphere's pushback on the Haditha story. Nice job.

And most of all - Thanks to our troops who answer the call of the American public; who through their elected representatives, and with a declaration of support from Congress in March 2003, were sent on a military mission to Iraq. Godspeed to you all.

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