Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just one of the hundreds of thousands of troops that have cycled in and out of Iraq

As revealed in the post below, my son was wounded when he was in Iraq. He is fine, but it was severe enough that he had to go to Kuwait for treatment and then return to Camp Bucca after a day or so. The only lingering effect is some shrapnel that remains in his right cheek. That would be the cheek on his face, not the other cheek.

Here's a story from our local paper that details how my son interacted with the Iraqi people.

From the article:

"During his time in Camp Bucca, Johnson learned the Iraqi language by getting to know the interpreters, who acted as liaisons.

Although he learned the language without the knowledge of leadership, Johnson felt that it would help the mission and make communicating with detainees easier.

By learning the language, he was able to carry on conversations with the Iraqi police regarding weapon caches and area security without having an interpreter.

It also helped him develop working rapport with the people, said Johnson."

Not all military prison guards in Iraq abuse the detainees and not all (if any) Marines are ready to shoot women and babies. Most Americans know that. That the American press continue to obsess over Abu Ghraib simply serves to diminish their reputation with the public they hope to serve. Maybe the media's hasty retreat on the Haditha story signals that they are finally wising up. As to the newspaper industry's declining relevancy and profitability, it's not a minute too soon.

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Goesh said...

Im glad your son is doing well. I think a backlash is finally starting to build against elements of the media that want America to fail and refuse to report on anything positive.